Friday, December 31, 2010

More tree sizes

Its New years eve and I've got nothing better to do than mark trees, well could be worse I guess, could have no trees at all. Its quite beautiful here today after having snow on the ground for almost a week, which is very unusual for here. I saw my 1st white Christmas this year too which was pretty amazing. It started snowing Christmas late evening and continued well into the next day and we had between 5 and 6 inches by the time it was all over with.
So I've partially made a model of the cabin I plan to build now out of 1/2" wooden dowels. Its pretty accurate what Ive gotten done so far, but am stuck on the roof layout right now. I have no idea how to build a simple gable roof but hopefully by the time I get back from the school in Feb I will have a much better idea how t complete it.
This is going to be the biggest undertaking I have ever done up to this point in my life I think, but the more I fond out the more energetic I am to get started. The school will be my deciding factor if Im going to continue with it or give up the dream of it. So anyway, here are the log sizes of what I marked today.
(27) 47
(28) 45
(29) 35
(30) 42
(31) 40
(32) 36
(33) 36
(34) 40
(35) 42
(36) 41.5
(37) 47
(38) 47
Found my RPSL and its a beautiful pine tree measuring a whopping 76"!!

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