Monday, January 3, 2011

Gathering materials

Started to gather a few things up now that the cabin will eventually need. Looking mostly on Craigslist right now and some pretty incredible stuff on there either free or pretty cheap. Found 3 windows, double paned 2 were 19.5 x45 and one was a casement at 19.5 x33 used but less than a yard old all for $100 so that was a pretty good deal I think. Also found a china buffet that needed refinishing, but solid wood, maybe 50 years old and 5 solid pine swiveling bar stools. All those were free and the bar stools were in fine shape, so probably will just refresh the finish up on those and nothing more.

Looking now for a small storage building to sit on the property so I can store all these free and cheap items Im finding. All in all its a pretty good start on items, but really need to find a deal on some metal roofing and 2X lumber now.

The time for the school is rapidly approaching and I cant wait. I hope to start getting some logs cut and peeled almost as soon as I get back

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  1. Something to think about for your windows. In NC your windows must be installed with the factory label apearing for it to pass inspection for the