Sunday, April 24, 2011

First day of actually getting to handle some logs

So I finally was able to get someone to cut a few of my marked trees down for me, I just wanted him to get them on the ground and thats pretty much all he did, cut 15 down for $200.00, so not bad and about what I expected really.

I needed to just get some cut down so I could check the actual diameter at the tip at 30ft and get an idea of the taper of these trees. Once I de-limbed a couple of them, I then  wanted to try and get them dragged out of the woods and into the field were the cabin will be. Boy was that a learning experience. First off found that my F350 dually diesel is really bad at doing that type of thing in a grassy field, its just sits and spins, so brought in the Jeep 4x4 and it did the same thing. So next going to try the tractor and my winch is supposed to be here next week, so hopefully between those 2 I will actually get some logs into the right area

Here are a couple of pics made the 1st day, nothing really interesting here except for the fact its day one of the start of my new adventure.
Brother who stopped by to help limb some logs on 1st day, thanks bro
Ok, this log looked MUCH straighter standing up, guess its the 1st of my sacrificial logs
PROGRESS!! day 2 of skidding
Nice log here, still in the woods in this pic, but not for much longer
More progress

1st log skidded to start this adventure

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