Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peeling some racked logs..finally

Well finally have all of the logs (14) I had cut a few weeks back skidded into the field, laid on top of a couple of sacrificial logs as racks and starting to peel them. I just wanted to cut a little portion of the trees I had marked for cutting down at this time to give me a better idea of what routine works best me getting them skidded out of the woods and stacked on the racks. Turns out that so far, the old 58 JD 1010 tractor is the best answer. Still starts like new even without choking it after sitting for even a day or two.

Had some help on my 1st day peeling. A good friend of mine 16 y/o kid wanted to make a little extra money for a wresting camp this summer and build some stamina, now what more a perfect prospect is that to have give me a hand and best of he worked out just great. Hope I can get him back when I get some more time to peel.

Me working hard,at least for the pic

Me again, it was pretty hot today

Ok, just me again

Nice big log still in the woods

Some skidded logs on racks and one very crooked one

My Great helper, Graham

Graham and the Jeep, 3 peeled logs. Progess!!

Trouble log, took about 3 hours to skid 300ft

Not sure about this crooked one

whoops, one of the family slipped in on Moms Day


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